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Welcome to the Colfax-Mingo Schools Academic Services Department. We serve the system specifically in the areas of curriculum, assessment, instruction, special programming, professional learning, technology integration, and community engagement. Our district offers a wide variety of academic programs that are designed to guide our students from Pre-K and Kindergarten levels all the way through high school. While our early curriculum focuses on fostering successful learners, our high school curriculum begins to offer a variety of courses to prepare our students for an ideal college experience and other routes after graduation. Explore our Jr. High and High School academic departments below.

Academic Departments

The Alternative Learning Program provides a learning environment that helps students find success in all academic areas. Certified staff members work with selected students to assist them with course completion, credit recovery, and career planning.

Alternative Learning Program/Success Center Information

Art education helps students express ideas creatively, fostering reflective thinking, and developing disciplined skills to create artworks involving multiple possibilities.

Art Education Information

The Talented and Gifted (TAG) Program provides a curriculum for talented and gifted students as an integral part of the K-12 experience that is differentiated in process, pace, depth, organization, and expected outcomes.

Extended Learning Program Information

Engaging students to develop essential agricultural, business, and financial concepts and skills for citizenship, career, and lifelong learning, as well as, technical and essential skills through rigorous classroom and laboratory experiences to meet the demands of post-secondary education and the competitive workforce.

Career and Technology Education Information

Language Arts engages students in the study of the arts of language through a combination of reading, writing, speaking, and listening.

Language Arts Education Information

Helping students learn and understand mathematical concepts and skills through hands-on activities and applicable learning.

Mathematics Education Information

General, vocal, and instrumental music provide experiences that are meaningful, enjoyable, and enhance all learning.

Music Education Information

We put students first by helping them find skills, discipline, and activities they can enjoy for a lifetime of personal wellness.

Physical & Health Education Information

Engaging students in an understanding of science as inquiry, using technology and mathematics to improve investigations and communications using logic and evidence to recognize and analyze alternative explanations and models that will serve them for a lifetime of learning.

Science Education Information

Social studies engage students with historical awareness and cultural perspectives and as a result, students will be able to find their place in the traditions of history.

Social Studies Education Information

Special Education

We put students first by viewing world languages not only as another way of communicating but also as a means for students to better prepare themselves to participate as productive global citizens.

World Languages Education Information