Our Health Services department works with students, families, staff, and the community to ensure that health needs are met so that children can attend school and learn with their peers. We also promote prevention and wellness so that your child stays healthy, engaged, and ready to learn.

What Do School Nurses Do?

School Nursing is a healthcare specialty requiring specific expertise in nursing, public health, and education. Our school nurses are licensed, registered nurses educated to address the wide range of health topics that impact children at school:

  • Identify health concerns through assessments and observations
  • Provide health care counseling or guidance to students, families, and staff
  • Conduct Care Coordination including case management, chronic disease management, care planning, and assistance in finding a medical home or other health care providers
  • Provide medication management
  • Provide health screenings, referrals, and follow-up
  • Ensure immunization compliance and coordination of other health mandates according to state requirements
  • Provide Health education, promotion, and disease prevention

What Does My Child Need For School?

Below is a list of required forms that you may need to submit for your child.



3rd Grade

7th Grade

*Tdap and Meningitis vaccine is required before the first day.

9th Grade

12th Grade

Additional Forms

Food Allergy Action Plan (PDF)

Asthma Action Plan (PDF)

iSmile -Free (PDF)

iSmile -Consent Form (PDF)



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