Colfax-Mingo Opportunity Program / Success Center

The Colfax-Mingo Opportunity Program is an alternative setting which is an extension of Colfax-Mingo High School. The goal is to assist students in obtaining a high school diploma. These students have not been successful in the traditional setting, and require additional support to graduate.

Alternative learning'

The CMOP is a secondary program. A student must have reached the age of legal attendance, as required under Iowa Code. Those not meeting this requirement may be admitted with the approval of the High School Principal and the Opportunity Program Coordinator. All students must be enrolled in the Colfax-Mingo Community School District. Students in the CMOP will complete all requirements for graduation as set forth by the Board of Education. All students in CMOP may earn a traditional CMHS diploma under the guideline of the Alternative Program Handbook.  

To earn an Opportunity Diploma, students must earn credits in the following areas: English (8), Math (6 with 2 credits in Algebra), Science (6), Social Studies (6), PE (1),  Personal Finance (1), Career Planning (1) and Electives (8). Students will have the opportunity to take electives in the traditional setting only after showing progress toward their graduation requirements. Students enrolled in the traditional setting may also seek help on coursework in the Success Center. The staff in the Success Center provide a quiet space for testing, extra help during study hall, and a place to work before or after school with internet access.