Pre-School 3-year-old two-day program (monthly fee) $70.00
Pre-School 3-year-old four-day program (monthly fee) $140.00
Developmental Kindergarten & 4-year-old Pre-School FREE
Pre-School Consumables (3 & 4-year-olds) $35.00
Technology-All Students Grades KG-6 $50.00
Elementary Consumables $40.00

Jr/Sr High School

Technology – All Students Grades 7-8 $55.00
Middle School Consumables $45.00
Middle School Band Instrument Rental Fee $40.00
Technology – All Students Grades 9-12 $60.00
High School Consumables $50.00
High School Band Instrument Rental Fee $40.00
Vocational Safety Equipment $10.00
Science Lab Safety Equipment $10.00

Fee waivers, full and partial, are governed by 281–Iowa Administrative Code 18. A full waiver of all fees shall be granted if the student or the student’s family meets the financial eligibility criteria for free meals, for the Family Investment Program (FIP), for transportation assistance under open enrollment, or if the student is in foster care.

A partial waiver (14% of total fee) is appropriate if the student or student’s family meets the financial eligibility criteria for reduced-price meals, and is based on “a sliding scale related to an ability to pay.” One simple way to justify the amount of a partial waiver is to make sure that it corresponds to the percentage of the reduced-price meal from a full-price meal.

Finally, each school district has the discretion to grant a temporary waiver of one or more fees in the event of a temporary financial difficulty in the student’s immediate family. This temporary waiver may be granted at any time during a school year; the maximum length of a temporary waiver shall be one year.

22-23 Free/Reduced Meals Application 

Fee Waiver Form (PDF)