Proof of Residency

All new students entering the district, no matter if they have a sibling(s) currently attending, MUST provide proper documentation establishing residency.  The name and address on these documents must match the name and address of the parent or legal guardian of the student(s) being registered.  Residency at the physical address is required.

If you own your home, please provide ONE of the following:

If you recently closed on a new home:

  • A copy of the settlement statement from closing or the warranty deed

If you recently made an offer on a home:

  • A copy of the purchase contract that states the address, possession/closing date, and signature of the parent/guardian

If you rent, please provide ONE of the following:

  • A copy of your signed lease agreement with the term listed.  The agreement MUST contain the property owner’s name, address, and signature; and name and signature of parent/guardian
  • Utility bill for the last or current month, mailed to your residence in your name

If you live with a family already in the district, please bring ALL of the following:

  • Completed and NOTARIZED Coresidency Form
  • Proof of your residence at that address: (i.e.: bank statement, insurance statement, utility bill or any other bill, pay stub from your current employer, etc.) with your name and address clearly listed and from the last or current month
  • Verification of residency for the family with whom you are residing

Important Note:

Post office boxes do not establish residency.  If you are using one for mailing purposes you will still need to provide one of the acceptable proof of residency as listed above.

Falsification of any information or document required for residency verification or the use of the address of another person without actually residing there may result in revocation of student enrollment, being held liable to pay tuition for the time in attendance as a non-resident student, and filing a complaint with the appropriate law enforcement agency for criminal prosecution again all parties involved.