409.03 – Custodial Job Description

Custodians shall serve under the direction of the administration and shall be held responsible for the care and maintenance of buildings, grounds, equipment, and such other duties as may be reasonably assigned to them by the building principal. 

The custodian is employed to prevent damage or mistreatment of the building and its contents. He/She is to report any disorder/malfunction to the building principal. 

Full-time custodians will receive vacation in accordance with the AFSCME contract for the current year. 

The purchase of supplies must receive approval from the department head. The custodian shall not dispose of any school equipment, supplies, or property. 

Custodians shall 

  • attend all meetings called by the department head, superintendent or building principal, 
  • appear neat and clean when working with teachers, pupils, or the public, 
  • courteously fulfill their duties, 
  • observe all policies and regulations of the school system, and 
  • obtain permission from the building principal before adding additional hours above and beyond his/her contract 

Each custodian will be assigned a portion of the building that will be his/her responsibility. In that section of the building, he/she will be expected to do the following: 

  • vacuum all assigned work areas on a daily basis 
  • dust furniture and fixtures on a daily basis 
  • wash all tabletops weekly, or more often as needed 
  • wash all windows monthly or more often as needed 
  • wash all foyer windows daily 
  • clean and sanitize all assigned restrooms daily 
  • clean and sanitize areas where student accidents occur immediately as directed 
  • pick up hallways at least every 2 hours, or more as needed, when students are present 
  • clean and dispose of trash daily, or more as needed 
  • be responsible for opening and/or closing the building as directed by the building principal 
  • remove snow from grounds, as directed by supervisor 
  • maintain outside grounds as directed by the principal 
  • be present in the lunchroom during student lunch periods to maintain a clean eating area for students 
  • perform other duties as assigned by supervisors 
Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities necessary/desirable for this position: 


  • Knowledge of standard cleaning procedures, chemicals, products, and equipment 
  • Ability to read and understand labels and instructions, particularly on the use and application of 
  • cleaning chemicals and products 


  • Team player 
  • Decision making 
  • Problem-solving 
  • Effective verbal, written & listening communication 
  • Time management 
  • Ability to work with little or no supervision 

Personal Attributes: 

  • Honest and trustworthy 
  • Respectful 
  • Flexible and adaptable 
  • Sound work ethic 

Working Conditions: 

This can be a physically demanding position. Custodians spend the majority of the time standing, and/or walking, and frequently lifting heavy objects and/or operating equipment. There is the possibility of doing a great deal of stretching and bending, often in awkward positions. Additionally, there are the dangers associated with using cleaning products, if not utilized appropriately. 

The Board of Directors reserves the right to annul or terminate any custodian’s contract for incompetency or inattention to his/her work, or for personal habits inconsistent with proper rules of conduct. 

Date of Adoption: July 1, 1985 

Reviewed & Revised: September 3, 1991; April 8, 1996; March 11, 2002; January 15, 2007; February 21, 2011; January 10, 2014 

409.03A Head District Custodian/Maintenance Employee

409.03B Custodial/Maintenance Employee