409.03A – Head District Custodian/Maintenance Employee

The District Custodial/Maintenance Director shall be responsible for providing students with a safe, attractive, comfortable, clean, efficient place in which to learn, play, and develop. 

The Head District Custodian/Maintenance employee shall be directly responsible to the Superintendent of Schools, who, in conjunction with the building principal, will evaluate the position annually. 

Principal Duties: 

  1. Will be employed as a Custodial/Maintenance employee of one building in the district. (See Board policy 409.3B for job description) 
  2. Assume responsibility for the efficient and safe operation of his/her building and equipment related to the operation of the school plant. 
  3. Establish a schedule for inspection of fire protection equipment in all district buildings, 
  4. Maintain and oversee a plant operation line-item budget for the district’s buildings and grounds. He/She will work directly with the Superintendent on this. 
  5. Facilitate monthly meetings with all district custodial and maintenance staff, in order to Develop or coordinate plans for all summer and break projects. 
  6. Provide a written report to the Board monthly, reporting activities around the district, obtained at monthly meetings. 
  7. Other duties, which may be assigned by the Superintendent of Schools. 

Date of Adoption: June 11, 2001 

Reviewed & Revised: March 11, 2002; January 15, 2007; February 21, 2011; January 10, 2014