Radon Testing at the Jr/Sr High School

Colfax-Mingo Community School District



Student learning and the safety of students, staff, and community are priorities for Colfax-Mingo Community School District. The administration of Colfax-Mingo Community School District is providing you with this notification that initial radon screening will be conducted at the Jr-Sr building during the month of January, specifically the week of 1/15/2024.  The testing is not harmful in any way, and there is no need for students, parents, and teachers to do anything special in preparation.

Radon testing is required at least once every five years for all Iowa public school attendance centers, licensed preschools, and licensed child care centers. Radon is naturally occurring everywhere, but if elevated, it can cause an increased risk of lung cancer over the course of a person’s lifetime. Our district has received training and has proactively placed all of our buildings on a rotating radon test schedule.

To test for radon in the air, kits that look like small envelopes will be used in our learning spaces. It is important these kits are not disturbed and that exterior windows and doors are kept closed except for normal entry and exit. The envelopes will be left in place for [5] school days.

Final radon testing results will be communicated by the Colfax-Mingo Community School District Radon Team to the board of education, staff, and the public on our website. In the event that elevated levels are found during occupied hours, steps will be taken to correct the issue using methods suggested by the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

For most students and staff, research suggests that school and workplaces are actually the  second largest contributors to radon exposure. The home is likely to be the most significant source of radon exposure. Therefore, parents and staff are encouraged to also test their homes for radon and to take action to reduce elevated concentrations. If you have further questions regarding radon testing in the Colfax-Mingo Community School District, please feel free to contact Ben Cooper at 515-343-4934 or bcooper@colfaxmingo.org. Thank you in advance for your cooperation.

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