504.06 – Work Permit/Work Permit Issuance

A work permit, except for migrant laborers, shall be issued for students by the Superintendent or designee. The person authorized to issue work permits shall not issue any such permit unless they have received, examined, approved, and filed:

  1. A written agreement from the person, firm, or corporation into whose service the child under sixteen years of age is about to enter, promising to give such child employment, describing the industry and the work to be performed.
  2. Evidence of age showing the child is fourteen years old, or more, which shall consist of one of the following proofs required in the order herein designated:
    • A certified copy of the birth certificate filed according to law with a registrar of vital statistics or other officer charged with the duty of recording births.
    • A passport or a certified copy of a certificate of baptism showing the date and place of birth and the place of baptism of such a child.
    • A school census record.
    • In cases where none of the above-named proofs are obtainable, a certificate, signed by the local medical inspector of schools, or if there be no such inspector, then by a physician appointed by the local Board of Education, certifying that in his opinion the applicant for the work permit is fourteen years of age or more.

Date of Adoption: July 1, 1985

Revised & Reviewed: September 3, 1991; July 10, 1995; January 27, 2003; January 21, 2008; February 16, 2015; March 15, 2019