Policy 905.01: Community Use of School District Buildings & Sites & Equipment Status: ADOPTED
Original Adopted Date: 03/10/2022 | Last Reviewed Date: 03/10/2022

School district facilities and equipment will be made available to local nonprofit entities which promote cultural, educational, civic, community, or recreational activities.  “Entity(ies)” will include organizations, groups and individuals and their agents.  Any district employee using district-owned property or facilities for a use outside their duties as an employee is doing so as a community member, and not as a district employee.  Prior to using district resources for activities outside the scope of their job duties, employees must meet the requirements to be considered a qualifying entity.  Such use will be permitted only when the use does not interfere with or disrupt the education program or a school-related activity, the use is consistent with state law, and will end no later than midnight.  It is within the discretion of the board to allow for-profit entities to use school district facilities and equipment.  The board reserves the right to deny use of the facilities and equipment to an entity.  It is within the discretion of the superintendent to allow use of school district facilities and equipment on Sundays.

Entities that wish to use school district facilities or equipment must apply at the district central office.  It is the responsibility of the board secretary or superintendent to determine whether the school district facility or equipment requested is available and whether the application for use meets board policy and administrative regulations.  It is the responsibility of the superintendent and board secretary to provide application forms, obtain proof of insurance, and draw up the contract for use of school district facilities and equipment.

Use of school district facilities and equipment by entities will be supervised by a school district employee unless special prior arrangements are made with the superintendent.  The school district employee will not accept a fee from the entity using school district facilities and equipment.  If appropriate, the school district employee may be paid by the school district.

Entities that use school district buildings, or equipment, or sites must leave the building or site in the same condition it was in prior to its use.  Inappropriate use of school district facilities and equipment may result in additional fees charged to, or the inability of, the entity to use school district facilities or equipment in the future.  

The board may allow entities, such as the Boy and Girl Scouts and 4-H, to use the school district facilities and equipment without charge.  While such entities may use the facilities and equipment without charge, they may be required to pay a custodial fee.

It is the responsibility of the superintendent to develop a fee schedule for the board’s approval and to develop administrative regulations regarding this policy.

NOTE:  This policy requires that all users of school district facilities provide proof of insurance.  This is not a legal requirement.  It is there for the protection of the school district.  Prior to waiving insurance requirements for groups, a school district should check with its insurance carrier to clarify coverage.

This policy also addresses use of the school district’s ICN classroom.  Language in brackets and italics should be used only if the district maintains an ICN classroom.  Otherwise, remove this language and DO NOT USE 905.01R1, 905.01R2, 905.01E1 and 905.01E2.  The language the fifth paragraph addresses the school district’s sponsorship of outside groups use of the ICN.  Boards can limit their sponsorship if they choose.    The policy is also written to pass on the ICN costs to the sponsored group.

The language in the sixth paragraph represents mandatory policy language.  The seventh paragraph is language that is recommended but is not mandatory.  The supporting administrative regulations address matters specific to ICN classroom use for the board’s consideration.  The new ICN regulation is at 905.01R2. 


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Cross References

Code Description
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705.04-R(1) Expenditures for a Public Purpose – Use of Public Funds Regulation
905.02 Nicotine/Tobacco-Free Environment