802.03 – Use of School Property and Equipment

The Superintendent of Schools shall establish the necessary regulations governing the use of the school buildings and/or its equipment by outside groups.  These regulations shall be consistent with the laws of the State of Iowa.  The Superintendent shall also set up a schedule of compensation for the use of the school buildings and/or its equipment.  These regulations shall be submitted to the Board of Education for final approval.

Any organized group in the Colfax-Mingo Community School District that is not school-sponsored shall be limited in the use of the school buildings.

Student groups are not to use the buildings on Wednesday evening or on Sunday unless authorization is given by the administration.  This does not pertain to an outside agency.

No equipment is to be removed from the properties without the permission of the Superintendent.  Any loss or damage is the responsibility of the borrower.

When the kitchen facilities are to be used, a member of the school lunch staff shall be in attendance to supervise the operation of equipment, etc.  The organization renting the facilities shall be responsible for payment of wages to lunch staff personnel for the hours they are required to be in attendance.  Cooks’ wages shall be paid by all organizations regardless of affiliation.  The above charges shall not apply to any group that qualifies as an adult education project through the school administration or other school associated entities; and any community organization whose only purpose is the improvement and betterment of the community and whose membership is open to all residents of the district, regardless of race, color, creed religion, age, socio-economic status, marital status, national origin, sexual orientation, gender identity, disability, or sex.


The renting of school buildings and school property shall be at the discretion of the Board, but shall follow these general provisions:

  1. School activities must always take precedence. Next in order are community events. Commercial groups are last.
  2. No rental will be charged when the proceeds go to the school without profit to any individual or non-school sponsoring group or meetings where the chief purpose is the improvement of instruction on a school program of the city or state.  Such groups will be responsible for paying a custodial fee.
  3. All concession rights at all times are retained by the school/Boosters.
  4. All arrangements by outside-of-school agencies are to be made through the office of the Building Principal.
  5. All payments for the use of buildings or facilities are to be made to the Colfax-Mingo Community School district.
  6. The school facilities are available to religious or sectarian groups if two or more district local organizations (such as Baccalaureate) are sponsoring the event or by special permission of the Board.
  7. Any organization of a non-commercial nature, not using the building for gain or profit and having general admission to all persons without charge is exempted from paying fees for the use of the building or utilities but is responsible for the building and for paying the necessary custodial fee.
  8. When rental fees are charged they shall be paid in advance as follows:
      1. High School Gymnasium                                          $50.00 per night
      2. Elementary School Gymnasium                                $40.00 per night
      3. Elementary & High School Cafeteria                        $50.00 plus $10.00 for use of kitchen per event with                                                                                    a regular cook, wages to be paid by lessee
      4. Classrooms                                                                $25.00
      5. Custodians                                                                $20.00 for each event scheduled in #1 and #2
  9. Approved chaperones must be on duty when a group uses the school gym for a dance.

Date of Adoption: December 21, 1987

Reviewed & Revised: November 15, 1993; April 6, 1998; February 7, 2005; January 18, 2010; June 27, 2016

Request for Use of School Facility (PDF)