1004.01 – Use of School Facilities

All local civic, religious, fraternal, patriotic, and community welfare organizations, including any group interested in promoting cultural, educational, or recreational activities, are eligible to use school facilities and other school properties, providing the activities conducted, or to be conducted, are in the public interest as determined by the Superintendent, or as provided by law.

Groups interested in using school facilities shall make arrangements through the principal of the school.  The group using the facility must have at least one adult present, and be supervised by an adequate number of adult sponsors, during the entire time the facility is being used.

A custodian or school employee must be on duty at the time the facility is used by non-school organizations.  This requirement may be waived by the principal.

A fee may be charged for use of facilities or for required custodial support.

The CMCSD Athletic Booster Club, the CMCSD Music Booster Club, Education Foundation, and the PTA have use of school facilities and equipment without charge.

The following regulations are to be followed when using school facilities:

  1. School activities have a priority for use of school facilities.
  2. Use of the facility cannot interfere with school activities.
  3. Facilities will be scheduled on a first-come-first-served basis.
  4. Smoking on school grounds or in school vehicles is prohibited.
  5. Possession or use of alcoholic beverages or illegal drugs is prohibited.
  6. The property is to be returned to the same condition found.
  7. Security of buildings is of paramount concern. All doors are to be locked unless it is absolutely necessary to be unlocked.  All doors are to be locked upon completion of the use of the facility.
  8. All lights are to be turned off and equipment put away at the end of the activity.
  9. All events will end by 11:00 p.m. unless waived by the administration.
  10. The gym floor is to be swept and facilities left cleaned.
  11. In the event the fire alarm sounds, all occupants will leave the facility until cleared to return by a school district official.
  12. Use of the facilities shall be limited to patrons/groups of the Colfax-Mingo Community School District.
  13. Rental and other charges are to be paid in advance.
  14. Damages and/or cleaning costs will be assessed to the sponsors of the event.
  15. When appropriate, a key is checked out from the Superintendent or Principal to an adult sponsor, who shall not lend it to any other person. Such sponsor shall open and close the facilities; be the first person to arrive and the last person to leave, and assure all lights are turned off and equipment returned at its appropriate location.  The key shall be returned on the next business day.
  16. Balls, of any type, are not allowed in the Community Room of the elementary school.
  17. Kitchens are not available for use.
  18. The activity is confined to the area designated, and no school equipment or supplies are to be used unless approved in advance.
  19. Small children are to be supervised at all times and are not allowed beyond the immediate area of the facility being used.

Fee Schedule

Use of facility fees will not be charged to the following groups:  local civic, religious, fraternal, patriotic, and community welfare organizations, including any groups such as Girl/Brownie Scouts and Explorer/Boy/Cub Scouts.  These groups may be charged for custodial services.  Fees will be charged to individuals using facilities for personal use.  Fees may also be charged to non-school groups charging admission or participation fees.

Custodians Contracted hourly rate
Deposit $50.00
Gymnasiums $50.00
Community Room $50.00
Classroom $25.00
Jr/Sr High Cafeteria $50.00
Media Centers $25.00

Fees apply to the first three hours of rental.  A fee of up to $10 per hour may be charged for each hour of use thereafter.

Additional fees may be charged if chair set-up, P.A. systems, piano, etc. are to be used extensively.

All payment of fees is to be made to the Colfax-Mingo Community School District.

Computer labs may not be used without computer instructors from the school, AEA, or DMACC.

The Superintendent may refuse rental to any organization if, within his/her judgment, rental is not in the best interest of the school district.  The Superintendent may also waive all or part of the rental fee.

Legal References:   Iowa Code Sections 281(4); 297.9; 297.11;  Attorney General Rulings:  1940, p. 232; 196, p. 196

Adopted:  July 1, 1985

Reviewed & Revised: November 15, 1993; October 7, 1996; September 20, 1999; February 7, 2005; February 1, 2010; May 16, 2016