Policy 707.02: Treasurer’s Annual Report

Original Adopted Date: 07/01/1985 | Last Reviewed Date: 06/19/2023

At the annual meeting, the treasurer will give the annual report stating the amount held over, received, paid out, and on hand in the general and all other funds.  This report is in written form and sent to the board with the agenda for the board meeting.  The treasurer will also furnish the board with a statement from each depository showing the balance then on deposit.

It is the responsibility of the treasurer to submit this report to the board annually.

NOTE:  The sentence regarding the statement from the depository bank is a legal requirement.


Legal Reference: Iowa Code §§ 279.31, .33.


I.C. Iowa Code Description
Iowa Code  § 279.31 Directors – Powers and Duties – Settlement with Treasurer
Iowa Code  § 279.33 Directors – Powers and Duties  – Annual Settlements

Cross References

Code Description
206.04 Treasurer
210.01 Annual Meeting