501.07 Student Transfers In, Out, or Withdrawals

Students who transfer into the school district must meet the immunization and age requirements set out for students who initially enroll in the school district.

The school district shall request the student’s cumulative records from the previous school district. If the student cannot offer proof of grade level, the superintendent will make the grade level determination. The superintendent may require testing or other information to determine the grade level. Students expelled or suspended from their previous school district will only be enrolled after the approval of the Board.

The superintendent shall determine the amount of credits to be transferred. If the student has not previously attended an accredited school, it is within the superintendent’s discretion to accept or reject credits or grades.

The Board may deny admission if the student is not willing to provide the Board with necessary information.

If the student’s parents wish to withdraw or transfer the student from school prior to completing and graduating from the education program, they should notify the Superintendent/designee as soon as possible of the decision to withdraw or transfer the student from the education program. The student or parent should present this notice at the office of the student’s attendance center and receive instructions regarding the return of District

property including, but not limited to Chromebooks, outstanding fees, textbooks, library books, locker equipment, lunch account, etc.

The notice should state the student’s final day of attendance. If the student is not enrolling in another school district, the District will maintain the student’s records in the same manner as the records of students who have graduated from the District.

The District will forward the cumulative records to the new school district upon their request. Board Policy 506.01 Student Records Access informs parents of their right to review the records sent.

If the student is of compulsory education age and not transferring to another public school district or an accredited nonpublic school, the parents will notify the Superintendent/designee that the student is receiving private instruction.

Non-Resident Students:

Students who are eligible to attend an Iowa public school but who are not legal residents of this District may be admitted to school at the discretion of the Superintendent/designee, upon application and payment of tuition if ineligible for open enrollment. The tuition rate shall be the current per-pupil cost of the District as computed by the Board Secretary and as authorized by the Iowa Department of Education.

Resident students whose families move from the District and who wish to continue their education in the District may be permitted to attend without payment of tuition. Residents who are moving from the District and wish to have their student(s) continue attending in the District should refer to policies 501.31 Approval of Open Enrollment Transfers In and 501.32 Open Enrollment Transfers.

Students in grades eleven or twelve who are no longer residents of the District but were residents in the preceding school year may continue to attend school without payment of tuition until they graduate. These students not of legal age must have a place of residence and person responsible identified for purposes of administration (notarized documentation may be required).

Non-resident students who are eligible to attend an Iowa public school and who have positive evidence they will become legal residents of the District by enrollment certification date of the current school year may be allowed to attend without payment of tuition.

Any student who is of legal age may attend the Colfax-Mingo Community Schools if residency within the District is established by that student.

Under certain conditions, students may be able to transfer between districts. These situations are determined individually by the Iowa Department of Education.

Date of Adoption: January 8, 1996

Reviewed & Revised: January 27, 2003; January 21, 2008; March 15, 2019

501.7R1 Requests for Transfer Within the Building

501.7R2 Foreign Exchange Students