605.09 – Student Take Home Device Agreement


Junior High and High school students will be issued a district-owned Chromebook.

By taking possession of a borrowed device, the student agrees to assume full responsibility for the safety, security, and care of the loaned device.  Any loss, theft, or damage to the device should be reported to the administration or technology department within two [2] school days.


A lost or stolen device will result in the student paying the full replacement cost of the device and associated accessories. The student should report the incident to a school administrator within one [1] school day of the occurrence. A police report shall be filed in the case of theft.

Each student shall be responsible for any damage to the device from the time it is issued until the time it is turned back into the district (including labor costs), beyond any costs that may be covered by insurance on the device.

Summer Collection of Devices: 

Students will return their assigned devices at the end of each school year to allow technology staff time to clean and update the devices.  Failure to return the assigned device will be considered loss of device and the student will be charged full cost for replacement of the device.

Date of Adoption: August 18, 2014

Reviewed & Revised: June 19, 2017; June 17, 2019

605.15 Colfax Mingo Device Acceptable Use Form.docx