Policy 711.01: Student School Transportation Eligibility

Original Adopted Date: 07/01/1985 | Last Reviewed Date: 06/19/2023

When transportation by a school bus is impracticable or where school bus service is not available, the Board may require the parents or guardians to transport their children to the school designated for attendance.   The parent or guardian will be reimbursed for such transportation as designated by statute.  Distance to school or to a bus route shall be measured on the public highway only and over the most passable and safest route as determined by the Board of Directors, starting in the roadway opposite the entrance to the school grounds or designated point on his/her route.

Pre-K-5 students living outside the boundaries of Front Street, Kelly Street, State Street, and League Road may ride the city bus.   Students living in this boundary must write a letter to the Board of Directors for special transportation for one year.  The Board of Directors will approve or disapprove each case on its merits.

City routes will be provided for grade Pre-K-5 students who live outside the designated boundaries. The administration will establish the city route subject to Board approval.

Transportation of students who require special education services will generally be provided as for other students, when appropriate.  Specialized transportation of a student to and from a special education instructional service is a function of that service and, therefore, an appropriate expenditure of special education instructional funds generated through the weighting plan.

Transportation of a student to and from a special education support service is a function of that service, and is specified in the individualized education program (IEP) or the individualized family service plan (IFSP).  When the IEP or IFSP team determines that unique transportation arrangements are required and the arrangements are specified in the IEP or IFSP, the school district will provide one or more of the following transportation arrangements for instructional services and the AEA for support services: 

  • Transportation from the student’s residence to the location of the special education and back to the student’s residence, or child care placement for students below the age of six.
  • Special assistance or adaptations in getting the student to and from and on and off the vehicle, en route to and from the special education.
  • Reimbursement of the actual costs of transportation when by mutual agreement the parents provide transportation for the student to and from the special education.

The school district is not required to provide reimbursement to parents who elect to provide transportation in lieu of agency-provided transportation.

A student may be required, at the board’s discretion, to meet a school vehicle without reimbursement up to three-fourths of a mile.  The board may require the parent to transport their children up to two miles to connect with school bus vehicles at the expense of the school district when conditions deem it advisable.  It is within the discretion of the board to determine such conditions.  Parents of students who live where transportation by bus is impracticable or unavailable may be required to furnish transportation to and from the designated attendance center at the expense of the school district.  Parents, who transport their children at the expense of the school district, are reimbursed at the rate per mile set by the state.  

Transportation arrangements made by agreement with a neighboring school district will follow the terms of the agreement.  Students, who choose to attend a school in a school district other than their resident school district, will provide transportation to and from the school at their own expense.

NOTE:  This policy reflects the legal requirements of transportation.  Boards may expand transportation eligibility and, if so, the school district’s practice should be reflected in board policy.


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