What is MTSS?

MTSS is defined as a process by which schools use data to identify system and student needs. These data are used to match student needs with evidence-based instruction and interventions and monitor student progress to improve educational outcomes. The purpose of MTSS for the state of Iowa is to ensure every learner has the support necessary to maximize the benefits of instruction through evidence-based practices and supportive learning environments.

What are the major components of MTSS?

  1. Evidence-based curriculum and Instruction provided at the universal tier.
  2. Universal screening, multiple times a year, to identify students who need more supports to reach proficiency and to evaluate the outcomes of the universal tier.
  3. Evidence-based, instructional interventions at the universal, targeted, and intensive tiers. These are provided to students and/or the system as a whole.
  4. Progress monitoring to evaluate student progress in interventions.
  5. Data-based decision-making throughout the system to; a) define the problem; b) generate and then validate assumed causes; c) determine a course of action; d) implement the action, and e) evaluate the outcome.

The Colfax-Mingo Community School District prioritizes MTSS as the framework for meeting the needs of all learners in the areas of both academics and behavior.