1005.03 – Sales Promotions

Prior approval must be given by the Superintendent for any fundraising project by staff or student body to raise money for their activity or organization.

Local organizations such as Music Boosters, P.T.A, Colfax-Mingo Foundation, Dollars for Scholars, Athletic Boosters, or any other organization must notify consumers that their product or item is sold by their organization, not the school.  If students are involved in selling, the organization must get the approval of the Superintendent.  The Dollars for Scholars and FFA fruit sales have the standing approval of the Superintendent.

Date of Adoption: December 21, 1987

Reviewed & Revised: September 3, 1994; August 4, 1997; April 6, 1998; February 7, 2005; February 1, 2010; December 16, 2013; May 16, 2016

1005.03A Class-Club-Organization-Fundraiser Request Form