504.08 – Rules for Extra-Curricular Activities

(Extra-curricular includes all school-related activities except academic subjects)

Students who participate in extra-curricular activities serve as ambassadors of the school district throughout the calendar year whether at or away from school. Students who wish to have the privilege of participating in school extra-curricular activities and other school-sponsored activities must conduct themselves in accordance with Board policy “Student Conduct” throughout the calendar year.

Students disciplined under the good conduct rule shall receive appropriate due process in concert with the nature of the misconduct. It shall be the responsibility of the principal to maintain a record of violations of the good conduct policy and supporting administrative regulations.

  1. No use or possession of tobacco, alcohol, or controlled substances will be tolerated.
  2. Misconduct, swearing, disrespect of coach, referees, or other players will not be tolerated.
  3. Any theft or other criminal activity will not be tolerated.
  4. Any of the above offenses occurring during the 12-month year will result in penalties.

Abuse of the above training rules and/or Board Policy will result in punishment. The Activity Director and administrators collectively will investigate and administer appropriate penalties.

Penalties for violating the above rules will be loss of the privilege of participating in extra-curricular activities 4 calendar weeks on the first offense. The offender will be placed on one (1) year’s probation. Upon a second offense within a year, a student will lose privileges for 2 months with probation being extended. For a third offense, a student will lose privileges for six (6) months and the probation period will be extended. For any further violation of the “Good Conduct” policy, the student will lose all extra-curricular privileges for twelve (12) months. A student will attend practices while suspended from the squad.

There is an Honesty Policy that allows for a student to come to an administrator and confess their involvement in an above-mentioned activity. A student who does this will be allowed to cut their ineligibility to half the time described above.

Exceptions to the Above Rules:

Any student in a co-curricular area that is being graded for an academic class will be allowed to participate in the graded activity, but not in an un-graded activity.

Any student who is seeking professional help for potential drug and/or alcohol problems MAY be exempt from part or all of the above rules. Proper documentation of treatment must be presented in writing to the building principal

A written report of serious offenses will be made to the Board of Education within one (1) week of knowledge of the occurrence.

Students who wish to participate or attend school-sponsored activities must attend school the entire day of the activity. Exceptions to this requirement would include regularly scheduled medical/dental appointments and funerals. Other exceptions may be granted at the discretion of the building principal. All exceptions must be approved in advance.

Quitting a Squad

If a participant quits an activity, they should first discuss the situation with the Activity Director within two (2) days. If the problem is not solved and participant stays with their decision, they will not be permitted to participate for the remainder of the season.

Please refer to Policy No. 502.14 regarding student eligibility.

Rides to and From Scheduled Events

Students must ride in school-approved transportation to events. After signing the appropriate form with the coach, students may ride home with parents/guardian. Students may ride home with a designated adult if this has been approved in advance by the parent/guardian and the administration. The designated adult must sign the appropriate form with the coach before leaving with the student. A high school student is not considered a designated adult.

Violation of the above will result in suspension from playing squad for up to three (3) calendar weeks.

                          Exceptions apply when an injury occurs and medical attention is needed.

Any participant who is ejected or disqualified from a meet, game, or match for gross misconduct will be disciplined according to both boys and girls State Athletic Union policies.


All squad members should attend practice every day. The coach should be notified in advance of absences if possible. Excuses should be presented to the coach in writing at the next practice.

Repeat offenders may be required to make up practices, run extra drills, or be temporarily suspended from playing at the coach’s discretion.

Any student who has a drug or alcohol problem and is seeking help may be exempt from the above rules.

Date of Adoption: September 3, 1991

Reviewed & Revised: August 19, 1996; January 27, 2003; January 21, 2008; October 6, 2008; February 16, 2015; March 15, 2019