206.4 – TREASURER                                                                               

It is the responsibility of the board to appoint a treasurer.  The board may appoint a treasurer from its employees, other than a position requiring a teaching certificate, or from the public.  To finalize the appointment, the treasurer will take the oath of office at the meeting or no later than ten days thereafter.

The Treasurer of the Board shall:

* Furnish surety bond in amount determined by the Board, the same to be paid by the district.

* Take the oath required.  (291.4)

* Keep an accurate record of all receipts and expenditures of school funds.

* Register all orders drawn and reported to him/her by the Secretary showing the number, date, to whom drawn, fund upon which it is drawn, the purpose and amount.

* Keep an accurate separate account for all funds.

* Render a financial statement whenever required by the Board and keep books open for inspection at all times.

* Arrange for accounts at banks designated by the board.

* Furnish to the Board a sworn statement from each depository bank, showing balance as of June 30th.

* Account for receipts of school funds and monthly payment of taxes from the County Treasurer.

* Keep a record to whom interest bearing school bonds are sold.

Legal Reference:  Iowa Code 12B.10; 12C; 279.3, .31-.33; 291.2-.4, .8, .11-.14 (2009)

Date of Adoption:  July l, l985                                                                                       

Reviewed & Revised: January 8, 1996, April 6, 1998, May 21, 2001, March 7, 2006, March 7, 2011, March 21, 2016, February 14, 2022