803.02 – Purchase Order

The purchase of all supplies, equipment, and services shall be initiated by the issuance of an official purchase order signed by the superintendent of schools, the building administrator, program director by the Board secretary.  Only those supplies, equipment, and services provided through formal contract shall be exempt.  All personnel must obtain an approved purchase order prior to any purchase.  The purchase orders are to be secured by the building administrator.  Request for purchase should first be made to the administrator who will authorize the purchase by signing a purchase order.  The completed purchase order should then be forwarded to the Central Administrative Services Office for final approval.

Upon receipt of the ordered merchandise and/or services, notification shall be forwarded to the accounts payable department showing all items have been received and accepted.  Purchase orders must be attached to the invoice for payment authorization.  Invoices not accompanied by a purchase order will delay payment and possibly be denied payment by the District, thereby leaving the staff member responsible for payment.

Activity purchase orders are to be used for the purchase of materials from accounts in the activity fund. The superintendent, building principals, and/or the activity director will have final approval on these purchase orders.

The food service director shall authorize purchases for the nutrition program.  All invoices for payment of food and supplies shall be submitted to the accounts payable department with the director’s signature.  Any purchases for additional items other than the daily kitchen needs shall be obtained using the approved purchase order process above described.

In addition to using a purchase order, the Board Policy Code  803.1-Purchasing Policy and 803.4 Payment for Goods and Services, must be adhered to when completing the purchase of any school item.

Date of Adoption: July 1, 1985

Reviewed & Revised: July 1, 1996; January 25, 2000; February 7, 2005; January 18, 2010; June 27, 2016