Policy 706.01: Payroll Periods

Original Adopted Date: 6/27/2016 | Last Reviewed Date: 06/19/2023

The payroll period for the school district is monthly.  Employees are paid bi-weekly.  If this day is a holiday, recess, or weekend, the payroll is paid on the last working day prior to the holiday, recess or weekend.

It is the responsibility of the board secretary to issue payroll to employees in compliance with this policy.

NOTE:  This policy is written for a monthly payroll period.  If another method is used, the policy should be amended to reflect the proper method.

NOTE: Boards should adopt IASB sample policies to meet the needs of the local district.  Please ensure that the language contained in local policy is consistent with language contained in other district documents (e.g., handbooks, master contracts, etc.).


Legal Reference: Iowa Code §§  91A.


I.C. Iowa Code Description
Iowa Code  § 91A Wage Payment Collection

Cross References

Code Description
706.02 Payroll Deductions