The Colfax-Mingo Community School District is looked upon as an ever-changing social community where young people live. Here they are provided opportunities to determine and to work toward goals that are purposeful and significant to them. They are given experience, which is designed to develop their talents and characteristics, which are essential to wholesome child life. The subject matter is thought of in terms of units of living and learning. We believe that in every experience the whole child must be considered; the mental, physical, moral, spiritual, emotional, and social being. In teaching, as in parenthood, we must start where the child is. We must provide challenges for the child according to his/her abilities. 

We should not expect all children to develop at the same rate. The school program must be adjusted to the child’s needs, interests, abilities, and rate of growth.

  1. Objectives of Human Relationships – to develop in children attitudes and proficiencies for wholesome human relationships. 
  2. Objectives of Self-Realization – that our children may become all that their talents promise for them. 
  3. Objectives of Civic Responsibility – that our children may learn that liberty with security demands civic responsibility. 
  4. Objectives of Economic Efficiency – that young people may acquire a sense of economic accountability and productive efficiency. 

In keeping with the educational objectives of the Colfax-Mingo Community School District, an effort will be made to assess the needs of the district. The needs assessment will be accomplished through input from students, staff, school board members, and members of the community.

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