Coached by: Cassidy Booher
What dances did you compete and how did you finish?

We competed in Class I Contemporary and Class V Pom. We received a Division 1 rating in both routines. We also placed 4th out of 8 teams in Contemporary and 4th out of 11 teams in Pom! This is the first time Colfax-Mingo has placed in 7 years! All 6 of our soloists also received Division 1 ratings. Freshman Ashton Byal placed 7th out of 69 girls and Sophomore Brooke Pease placed 6th out of 69 girls. Huge successes all around!

How was preparing this year different from years past?

Formations had to be 6 feet apart and there was to be no touching as part of the choreography. We couldn’t have pom exchanges as all the girls needed their own set of poms. We are typically able to perform our State routines a few times before the ISDTA competition, however, we were unable to do so to keep everyone safe. We often had girls gone due to exposure and if any of my girls felt any sort of ill, I had them stay home for everyone’s safety. Masks are to be worn and they have to send me a picture of their temperature before coming to every single practice. During practice, they are to be 6 feet apart whether they were sitting before practice, stretching, or dancing. We had to have quite a few virtual practices when we went to virtual learning for a few weeks. It’s very interesting having a dance practice over Zoom!

How was the state competition adjusted for 2020?

Unfortunately, we were doing virtual learning when we were to be competing at the State competition, but we were very fortunate to have been able to virtually submit. Andrea Dana and the ISDTA association worked tirelessly to make it possible for as many schools to compete in the safest way for everyone, no matter their situation. Many schools were not even able to compete virtually so having even that opportunity was a huge win for us! 

What was the attitude of the dancers as they worked their way through new circumstances because of the pandemic?

Initially, my girls were heartbroken that ISDTA was going to be different and they weren’t going to get that State experience, especially my seniors. Competing at the ISDTA competition is unlike any other and it’s a feeling to have to experience to understand. My girls of course were disappointed, but they were very grateful that we could still compete virtually. I know they have been taking the necessary precautions with COVID and understood that safety comes even before dancing. Their attitudes, respect, and flexibility through this entire season have truly blown me away and I couldn’t be any prouder of these fine young ladies!

What was our take away from how the girls reacted and adjusted this year?

These girls are some of the hardest working young women I have ever met. I really pushed them this season, even on days they really did want to be there. I hope they realize that their success at State was because of how hard they have worked all season! I want them to be great dancers of course, but what’s more important to me is that they are even better women and teammates. We are a family and if you came to watch any practice the past few months, you would get that feeling from them. I truly do not have enough ways to say how proud of these girls I am. Each of these wonderful young ladies brings something special to the team. I am absolutely honored to be their coach!

Overall, how did you feel about the season and competition?

The success this team has had is outstanding. We are here to represent the Colfax-Mingo community through our passion for dance. It feels good to be a placing team again and I look forward to seeing where we go from here. This year’s success would not have been possible if even one of those girls was not on this team! Each and every one of my girls helped pave our way to success! This is my first year as a coach and it has opened my eyes to realize that I can give these girls absolutely all the tools, choreography, skills, strength, everything they need to succeed, but it is ultimately up to them coming together and how bad they want it. And boy did they bring it! These girls are talented dancers and WORKED for those 4th place trophies! The is a team, this is a family, this is the Colfax-Mingo Dance Team!

Anything else you would like to add would be great! Thanks!

Thank you to my dance parents for sharing their kiddos with me. I take quite a bit of time away from them and it is very appreciated.

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