2020-2021 WRESTLING




Yes, it will look and feel different, but we’ll make the needed adjustments and carry on! We’re wrestlers, it’s what we do. We learn all sorts of techniques and different styles of wrestling. We work for hours to compete for minutes. We have so many added intangibles to our sport that allow us to, or hinder us from competing, that adding a few more will be a drop in the bucket.
I’m excited about getting back on the mat and in the room with our athletes. I’m excited about continuing to grow our sport in Iowa and within our community. I’m excited about furthering relationships with my athletes, coaches and families…am I nervous about everything at the same time, yes! But, “once you’ve wrestled, everything else in life is easy,” We’ll control what we can…our attitude and effort!
We’ll prepare, we’ll take as many precautions as we can. We’ll give kids choices. We’ll do our part and we’ll do it to the very best we can with our kids best interest at heart, and we’ll compete to the best of our ability!
I love this team and I can’t wait for the season to get started! We’ll be ready!

Thank you Drew Otto for the great poster!

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