209.6 – REVIEW AND REVISION OF POLICY                         

The board shall, at least once every five years, review board policy. Once the policy has been reviewed, even if no changes were made, a notation of the date of review is made on the face of the policy statement.

The board will review one-fifth of the policy manual annually according to the following subject areas:

Board of Directors (Series 200)

Administration, Employees (Series 300 and 400)

School District, Education Program (Series 100 and 600)

Students (Series 500)

Non Instructional Operations and Business Services, Buildings and Sites, School District-Community Relations (Series 700800 and 900)

It is the responsibility of the superintendent to keep the board informed as to legal changes at both the federal and state levels. The superintendent will also be responsible for bringing proposed policy statement revisions to the board’s attention.

If a policy is revised because of a legal change over which the board has no control or a change which is minor, the policy may be approved at one meeting at the discretion of the board.

Legal Reference   Iowa Code § 279.8.  281 I.A.C. 12.3(2).

Date of Adoption:  February 14, 2022