204.13 – Minutes

Records of all transactions not exempt from Chapter 28A, Code of Iowa, of the Board will be set forth in full in the official minutes of the Board.  The minutes at a minimum should contain the motion, the second, and the vote by individual members on each issue.  The minutes of open meetings will be kept on file as the permanent official records of school legislation.  The secretary will act as custodian of the minutes and will make them available to any citizen to examine during the district’s office hours.  A summary of open meetings will be published in the local newspaper.

Closed Meeting

Detailed minutes and complete tape recordings will be made of all closed meetings of the Board.  Detailed minutes will include a synopsis of the discussion, the persons present, and any action occurring during the closed session.  The Board secretary will be the custodian of the detailed minutes and tapes which will be maintained in a securely locked depository, separate from the regular Board minutes, for a period of one year after which they will immediately and routinely be destroyed (tapes will be erased).  Access to these documents will be available only to Board members, appropriate administrative personnel, and/or judicial review.

Detailed minutes and tape recordings of closed sessions held under the purchase of real estate exception to open meetings, must be made available for public examination when the transaction discussed is completed.  There shall be separate detailed minutes and a tape recording for each real estate transaction.

Legal Reference:  (Code of Iowa)  Chapter 291.6.28A; Iowa Code 21.3, .4; 279.2 (2009)  1980 Op. Att’y Gen 148.

Date of Adoption: July 1, 1985         

Reviewed/Revised: September 3, 1991; December 5, 1994; February 21, 2000; May 21, 2001; March 7, 2006; March 7, 2011; March 21, 2016