605.03 – Library Materials

The Board has the sole discretion to approve library materials for the District. This authority is delegated to licensed teacher librarians to determine which library materials will be utilized and purchased by the District. Teacher librarians are responsible for the review, evaluation, maintenance, development, and selection of the school library media collection. They are guided by the system-level selection policy that embodies the philosophy and procedures set forth in national, state, and district documents. Teacher librarians work cooperatively with administrators and teachers to provide resources that represent diverse points of view, stimulate growth in thinking skills, and promote the overall educational program. Library media collections are developed to meet both curricular and student needs. To ensure that these needs are met, teacher librarians apply selection criteria and use recommended selection tools.

The Colfax-Mingo Community School District subscribes in full to the principles, philosophy, and goals set forth in the Library Bill of Rights (ALA), Freedom to Read Statement, and interpretative statements adopted thereto. 

In reviewing current library materials for continued use and in selecting additional library materials, licensed teacher-librarians will consider the current and future needs of the District as well as changes and trends in education and society. Teacher librarians will review the most current challenged book list and evaluate appropriateness for inclusion in the library as it relates to the District’s selection criteria. A system for regular review of materials will be established by the elementary and secondary teacher librarians. Books potentially controversial will be reviewed by colleagues for appropriate placement. A collaborative procedure for collection development will be established to enhance the District library collections. A systemic collection building system, based on genres and subject areas, will be established amongst the District teacher librarians. 

Library materials given to the District must meet the criteria established herein. The gift must be received in compliance with Board Policy 802.70 Gifts, Donations, Grants, and Bequests.

Legal Reference: Iowa Code §§ 256.7(24); 279.8; 280.14; 301 (2007).; 281 I.A.C. 12.3(11), (12). 

Date of Adoption: June 17, 2019