206.2 – VICE-PRESIDENT                                                                  

If the board president is unable or unwilling to carry out the duties required, it is the responsibility of the Vice-President of the board to carry out the duties of the president.  If the president is unable or unwilling to complete the term of office, the vice-president will serve as president for the balance of the president’s term of office, and a new vice-president will be elected.

The vice-president of the board is elected by a majority vote at the organizational meeting in odd-numbered years, or, in even-numbered years, at a regular meeting held between twelve to thirteen months after the most recent organizational meeting, to serve a one-year term of office.

The vice-president will accept control of the meeting from the president when the president wishes to make or second a motion. The vice-president will take an active role in board decisions by discussing and voting on matters before the board in the same manner as other board members.

Legal Reference:  Iowa Code 279.5 (2009)

Date of Adoption:  July 1, 1985

Reviewed/Revised:  September 3, 1991, November 6, 1995, April 6, 1998, May 21, 2001, March 7, 2006, March 7, 2011, March 21, 2016, February 14, 2022