Policy 803.02: Lease, Sale or Disposal of School District Buildings & Sites

Original Adopted Date: 6/19/2023 | Last Reviewed Date: 6/19/2023

Decisions regarding the lease, sale, or disposal of school district real property are made by the board.  In making its decision the board will consider the needs of the education program and the efficient use of public funds.

Prior to the board’s final decision regarding real property, a public hearing will be held.  The board will adopt a resolution announcing the proposed sale which will contain notice of the time and place of the public hearing and the description of the property or locally known address.  Notice of the time and place of the public hearing will be published at least once, but not less than 10 days and not more than 20 days, prior to the hearing date.  Upon completion of the public hearing, the board may dispose of the property.

If the real property contains less than two acres, is located outside of a city, is not adjacent to a city and was previously used as a schoolhouse site, the property may revert to the owner of the tract from whom the property was taken following the procedures set forth in IOWA CODE §§ 297.15-.25.

In the case of a sale or lease of school district real property not being used for the education program, unless otherwise exempted, advertisements for bids will be taken.  If the bids received by the board are deemed inadequate, the board may decline to sell or lease the property and re-advertise.

In the case of the razing of a school district facility, in an amount in excess of the statutory minimum required by law, the board will advertise and take bids for the purpose of awarding the contract for the project.

The superintendent is responsible for coordinating the action necessary for the board to accomplish the lease, sale, or disposal of school district real property, including student-constructed buildings.  It will also be the responsibility of the superintendent to make a recommendation to the board regarding the use of school district real property not being utilized for the education program.

NOTE:  The language in the second and third paragraph reflect Iowa law regarding the sale of real property.  


Legal Reference: Iowa Code §§ 297.15-.25.


I.C. Iowa Code Description
Iowa Code  § 297 School Houses/Sites

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