410.00A – Harassment Investigation Procedures

An employee or student who believes that they have been harassed shall notify the building principal, the designated investigator. The alternate investigator is the school nurse or counselor. The investigator may request that the employee or student complete the Harassment Complaint form and turn over evidence of the harassment, including, but not limited to, letters, tapes, or pictures, Information received during the investigation shall be kept confidential to the extent possible. 

The investigator, with the approval of the superintendent, or the superintendent has the authority to initiate a harassment investigation in the absence of a written complaint. 

Investigation Procedure

The investigator shall reasonably and promptly commence the investigation upon receipt of the complaint. The investigator shall interview the complainant and the alleged harasser. The alleged harasser may file a written statement refuting or explaining the behavior outlined in the complaint. The investigator may also interview witnesses as deemed appropriate. 

Upon completion of the investigation, the investigator shall report to the superintendent. The investigator will outline the findings of the investigation to the superintendent, shall be in the investigator. 

If the alleged harasser is the superintendent, the alternate investigator shall take the superintendent’s place in the investigation process. The alternate investigator shall report the findings to the Board. 

Date of Adoption: May 17, 1993 

Reviewed & Revised: March 27, 2000; March 11, 2002; January 15, 2007; January 10, 2014; September 17, 2018