414.07 – Employee Leave for Military Service

Leaves of absence are granted for military purposes but are not to exceed the enlistment or draft period. On completion of the military service, the individual is entitled to reinstatement at the same position and classification he/she would have received had he/she not taken such leave but subject to the following conditions: 

  1. That the position was not abolished; 
  2. That he/she is physically and mentally capable of performing the duties of the position; 
  3. That he/she makes a written application for reinstatement to the superintendent/ designee within 90 days after the termination of military service; and 
  4. That he/she submits an honorable separation from the military service. 

A leave of absence will be granted for reservists for training purposes when ordered by proper authority to active state or federal service, but not for a period exceeding a total of thirty (30) days in any calendar year. Leaves for training purposes are granted without loss of pay, but employees are expected to take such training during times the school is not in session whenever possible. 

Date of Adoption: June 7, 1997 

Reviewed & Revised: March 11, 2002; January 15, 2007; January 10, 2014; September 17, 2018