901.05 – Educational Specifications for Building

The Superintendent and his/her staff, with the help of consultants, citizen advisory groups, and the Board of Directors, shall prepare educational specifications which may be used by the architect in planning the building elements in such a way that they will aid and abet the teaching and learning activities which are to take place within it. 

The educational specifications should provide the architect with an inventory of program requirements, a statement of functional program relationships, a definition of the number and character of classrooms, a description of needed specialized instructional facilities, the educational requirements for such areas as the media center, outside site activities, gymnasium, cafeteria, auditorium, administrative suite, teacher and student service facilities, public service or community service facilities and any other pertinent information which will be of significance in visualizing what is expected of the proposed new building additions, or renovation. The Board shall have the final decision in determining the educational specifications. 

Date of Adoption: July 1, 1985 

Reviewed & Revised: September 3, 1991; October 3, 1994; May 4, 1998; February 7, 2005; February 1, 2010; December 19, 2016