505.07 –  Commencement

Students who have met the requirements for graduation will be allowed to participate in the commencement proceedings provided they abide by the proceedings organized by the school district.

A student may request to be excused from graduation activities through a request to his/her high school principal stating his/her reasons. Failure of a student to participate in commencement will not be a reason for withholding the student’s final progress report or diploma certifying the student’s completion of high school.

A student must have been enrolled in the district for at least the last semester of the school year of graduation in order to receive a diploma from the Colfax-Mingo Community School District and in order to participate in commencement. This requirement may be waived by the superintendent in extenuating circumstances.

Legal Reference: Iowa Code Sections 279.8; 280.3, .14 (1995). 281. I.A.C. 12.2; .3(7); .5.

Date of Adoption: July 1, 1985

Reviewed & Revised: September 3, 1991; October 2, 1995; March 15, 1999; April 21, 2003; January 21, 2008; March 15, 2019