605.20 – Colfax-Mingo Computer Loan Agreement

One Google Chromebook, Charger, and Case are being loaned to the Student/Borrower and are in good working order.  It is the Student/Borrower’s responsibility to care for the equipment and ensure that it is retained in a safe environment.

This equipment is, and at all times remains, the property of Colfax-Mingo Community Schools of Colfax, Iowa, and is herewith lent to the Student/Borrower for educational purposes only for the academic school year.

Student/Borrower may not deface or destroy this property in any way.  Inappropriate use of the machine may result in the Student/Borrower losing his/her right to use this computer.  The equipment will be returned to the school when requested by Colfax-Mingo Community Schools, or sooner if the Student/Borrower withdraws from Colfax-Mingo Community Schools prior to the end of the school year.

The District Property may be used by the Student/Borrower only for non-commercial purposes, in accordance with the District’s policies and rules.  The District’s Code of Conduct, as well as, local, state, and federal statutes.

Student/Borrower may not install or use any software other than software owned or approved by the District and made available to Student/Borrower in accordance with this Receipt and Agreement.

One user account with specific privileges and capabilities has been set up on the Google Chromebook for the exclusive use of the Student/Borrower to which it has been assigned.  The Student/Borrower agrees to make no attempts to change or allow others to change the privileges and capabilities of this user account.

The Student/Borrower agrees to make no attempts to add, delete, access, or modify other user accounts on the Google Chromebook and on any school-owned computer.

The Colfax-Mingo Community Schools network is provided for the academic use of all students and staff.  The Student/Borrower agrees to take no action that would interfere with the efficient, academic use of the network.

Identification and inventory labels/tags have been placed on the Google Chromebook.  These labels/tags are not to be removed or modified.  If they become damaged or missing, contact tech support for replacements.  Additional stickers, labels, tags, or markings are not to be added to the Google Chromebook.

A Google Apps for Education account is available for each Student/Borrower to use for appropriate academic communication with other students and staff members.

Iowa statute allows the District to obtain reimbursement from, or on behalf of, students for any damage to, loss of, or failure to return school property. This will result in the full reimbursement cost of the Chromebook to the school district. Student/Borrower acknowledges and agrees that his/her use of the District Property is a privilege and that by Student/Borrower’s agreement to the terms hereof.  Student Borrower acknowledges his/her responsibility to protect and safeguard the District Property and to return the same in good condition and repair upon request by Colfax-Mingo Community Schools.

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