202.01 – Code of Ethics

Board members’ actions, verbal and nonverbal, reflect the attitude and beliefs of the school district.  Therefore, Board members must conduct themselves professionally and in a manner fitting to their position. Each Board member shall follow the code of ethics in this policy.


  1. I will listen.
  2. I will respect the opinion of others.
  3. I will recognize the integrity of my predecessors and associates and the merit of their work.
  4. I will be motivated only by an earnest desire to serve my school district and the children of my school district community in the best possible way.
  5. I will not use the school district or any part of the school district program for my own personal advantage or for the advantage of my friends or supporters.
  6. I will vote for a closed session of the Board if the situation requires it, but I will consider “star chamber” or “secret” session of Board members unethical.
  7. I will recognize that to promise in advance of a meeting how I will vote on any proposition which is to be considered is to close my mind and agree not to think through other facts and points of view which may be presented in the meeting.
  8. I will expect, in Board meetings, to spend more time on education programs and procedures than on business details.
  9. I will recognize that authority rests with the Board in legal session and not with individual members of the Board, except as authorized by law.
  10. I will make no disparaging remarks, in or out of the Board meeting, about other members of the Board or their opinions.
  11. I will express my honest and most thoughtful opinions frankly in Board meetings in an effort to have decisions made for the best interest of the children and the education program.
  12. I will insist that the members of the Board participate fully in Board actions and recommend that when special committees are appointed, they serve only in an investigative and advisory capacity.
  13. I will insist that all members of the Board make an extended effort to attend and participate in all regular and special scheduled Board meetings, as well as all sub-committee meetings as assigned.

Date of Adoption: February 2, 1998

Reviewed/Revised: May 21, 2001; March 7, 2006; March 7, 2011; March 21, 2016