901.08 – Bids & Awards for Construction Contracts

The Board supports economic development in Iowa, particularly in the district community. Construction contracts shall be made in the school district community or in Iowa from Iowa-based companies if the bids submitted are relatively equal in the total cost and other considerations to those submitted by other bidders. The Board shall have the authority to approve or retain construction contracts. 

Except in the case of emergency construction, review of the plans by the State Department of Education, a public hearing, and competitive sealed bids are required for construction contracts in excess of $30,000  The Board shall advertise for competitive sealed bids. In the case of emergency construction, a certificate stating the need for it shall be obtained from the area education agency administrator. 

The award of construction contracts will, generally, be made to the lowest responsible bidder. The Board, at its discretion, after considering the total costs of construction, including, but not limited to, the cost of the construction, availability of service and/or repair, completion date, and any other factors deemed relevant by the Board may choose a bid other than the lowest bid. The Board shall have the right to reject any or all bids, or any part thereof, to waive informalities, and to enter into such contract or contracts as shall be deemed in the best interests of the school district. 

It shall be the responsibility of the superintendent for construction contract bids to make a recommendation and the reason for it to the Board. A contract, which has been awarded may be canceled by the Board upon the recommendation of the superintendent. 

Date of Approval: September 3, 1991

Legal Reference: Iowa Code 18.6(9), 23.2, .18, 72, 73, 297.7-.8 (1989)

Reviewed & Revised: October 3, 1994; May 4, 1998; February 7, 2005; February 1, 2010; December 19, 2016