1002.02 – AD HOC Committees

Whenever the Board deems it necessary, the Board may appoint a committee composed of citizens, staff, or students to assist the Board.  Committees formed by the Board shall be an ad hoc committee.

An ad hoc committee is formed by Board resolution, which shall outline the duties and purpose of the committee.  The committee is advisory in nature and has no duty or responsibility other than that specifically stated in the Board resolution.  The committee shall automatically disunite or unlink upon the delivery of its final recommendation to the Board or upon completion of the duties outlined in the Board resolution.  The Board will receive the report of the committee for consideration.  The Board retains the authority to make a final decision on the issue.  The committee will be subject to the open meetings law if the committee is established by statute or if the committee makes policy recommendations and is established by or approved by the Board.

The method for the selection of committee members shall be stated in the Board resolution.  When possible, and when the necessary expertise required allows, the committee members will be representatives of the school district community and shall consider the various viewpoints on the issue.  The Board may disunite a Board member and the superintendent to serve on an ad hoc committee. The committee will select its own chairperson unless the Board designates otherwise.

NOTE:  As a result of a change in the open meetings law, most, if not all, Board committees will be subject to the open meetings law just as the Board is.  The only difference between the two bodies is that committees are not required to publish their minutes.  That is only a requirement specifically for school Boards, not a requirement of the open meeting law.

Legal Reference:  Iowa Code 21; 279.8; 280.12(2) (1995), 281 I.A.C. 12.3(3), .3(8); .5(8).

Date of Adoption: December 4, 1995

Reviewed & Revised: February 7, 2005; February 1, 2010; May 16, 2016

1002.02A AD HOC Committee Responsibilities