Junior High (7th & 8th grade)

These are recommended basic supplies for your student to have. Teachers may request specific items

for their class during the first week of school.

❏ 3 ring notebook/binder

❏ Loose-leaf notebook paper

❏ Folders

❏ #2 Pencils

❏ Pens

❏ Colored Pencils

❏ Glue Sticks

❏ Highlighter

❏ 1 pack – Index Cards – Lined (100)

❏ Inexpensive headphones or earbuds

❏ Water Bottle

❏ Required: Gym Clothes: T-Shirt, Shorts/Sweatpants, and deodorant

❏ Lock for locker – Students may use a lock on their

they provide the office with their extra key or the combination. This prevents us from having to

cut the lock off if they forget their key at home or do not remember their combination.