Students Are Making Deeper Connections with Colfax-Mingo Curriculum

Morgan Ault was writing a poem in her free-time, and Ms. Johnson thought it would be great for others to see. Ms. Johnson reached out to Mr. Otto about working with Morgan on some type of illustration that would enhance Morgan’s poem. Morgan sat down with Mr. Otto working though what images would go with what she wrote, designed a poster together, and posted it in the building for students to connect with.

Morgan – What inspired me is that there wasn’t a lot written about the Zones, and some people don’t understand the Zones, so I decided to make the poem.

Ms. Johnson – She wrote a poem, showed it to me, and thought this was something all the kids in the school could relate to. I wanted her to realize other people would enjoy it as much as I did, so I was thinking I could talk to Mr. Otto, and we could see what we could do with it around the school. I wanted all the students to see how common the Zones are, since that is something we’ve been learning this year in our class, guidance, art, music, and throughout the school.

Mr. Otto – I was excited to help Morgan take her writing to the next level, and to showcase how others can apply their art and writing skills; to create something people can connect and relate to. It’s been great to have the common language of the Zones this year to communicate feelings between everyone. Students can identify where they and others are at emotionally, and then how to cope or react/help other students and staff which helps facilitate an even safer, more suitable learning environment for all learners.

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