Series 1000

1000.00 Statement of Guiding Principles

1001.01 Board-Community Relations

1001.02 Duplicated or Printed Materials

1002.02 AD HOC Committees

1002.03 Communication and Recommendations

1002.04 Parent-Teacher Association

1003.01 Participation in Community Life

1003.02 Gift to Unit Personnel

1003.03 Complaints Concerning School Personnel

1003.04 Citizen Assistance to School Personnel

1003.05 Activity Passes for Senior Citizens, Retired Employees, and Others

1003.06 Public Conduct on School Premises

1004.01 Use of School Facilities

1004.03 Loan of School Equipment

1005.01 Public Performances by Students

1005.02 Contests for Students

1005.03 Sales Promotions (Class/Club/Organization Fundraiser Request Form)

1005.04 Advertising & Promotions

1005.05 Visitors to Building and Sites

1005.06 Distribution of Materials

1006.00 Restrictions Regarding Persons Required to Register on the Sex Offender Registry